Sunday, May 2, 2010

Final Project

Fourth Quarter Assignment

  1. Make your first decision:

    1. Are you a sixth grader? Then relax, you already have your assignment started. No, wait, you have due dates soon, get back to work!

    2. Select a passion and consider options for a “going-out” and interview opportunity.
(ex: Love of dogs = vet, Humane Society, Petco)

    1. Consider your family history and your point of immigration. Collect family stories.

  1. Submit your topic and plan for this project by 4/19/10.

  2. Brainstorm a list of questions for your interview. (by April 23rd – review in class)

    1. A word web style might organize your thoughts.

    2. Be sure to prepare related/ follow-up questions

  3. Schedule your interview.

    1. Plan a method for notes (written or recorded).

    2. Practice before calling what to say.

    3. Know possible dates to meet beforehand.

  4. Conduct the interview (Unless scheduled as a “going-out”, parents will need to sign off this area.)

    1. Dress nicely for your interview.

    2. Be attentive to the answers so you may ask follow-up questions.

    3. Be sure to thank your subject. (Also, send a thank you note afterward with a copy of your transcript or summary.)

  5. Review notes or prepare a transcript of your recording. (by May 14th – review in class)

  6. Write a summary of the interview. (by June 1st – review in class)

    1. Length will depend on the depth (or challenge) you aim for.

    2. Call with follow-up questions if things don't make sense in your notes.

    3. Use quotes rather than a script format.

  7. Prepare a presentation for the class. (Present on June 7th or 8th .)

    1. Practice sharing information or a story from your interview.

    2. Consider only highlights to share in a five minute or less period (note-cards may be helpful).

    3. Prepare any props or displays that compliment your presentation (photos, objects relevant to your study, etc.)

  8. Evaluate yourself with the rubric. Add comments about the process, esp. what you found valuable or interesting.


_______ Proposal for topic and plan (Due April 19th)

_______ List of questions and related questions (Due April 23rd)

_______ Comments on Interview Process

_______ Notes or transcript (Due May 14th)

_______ Summary of Interview (Due June 1st)

Presentation scheduled for June ____ @ _____.
(Parents are welcome to attend.)

Before the interview, the student prepared several in-depth AND factual questions to ask.
Before the interview, the student prepared several factual questions to ask
The student did not prepare any questions before the interview.
Scheduling the Interview
The student introduced himself, explained why he wanted to interview the person, and asked permission to set up a time for an interview.
Student sent a thank-you note to the subject afterward.
The student asked needed reminders to set up an interview.
The student needed assistance in all aspects of setting up the interview.
The interviewer took occasional notes during the interview, but usually maintained focus on the person rather than the notes. Notes were added to immediately after the interview so facts were not lost.
The interviewer took notes during the interview, but did so in a way that interrupted the "flow" of the interview. 
The interviewer took no notes during or after the interview.
The student listened carefully to the person being interviewed and asked several relevant follow-up questions based on what the person said.
The student asked a couple of follow-up questions based on what s/he thought the person said.
The student did not ask any follow-up questions based on what the person said.
Formatting and Editing
The student edited and organized the transcript or notes in a way that made the information clear and interesting.
The student edited and organized the transcript or notes but the information was not as clear or as interesting as it could have been.
The student did NOT edit or organize the transcript.
Report Writing
(Summary of interviews)
The report is well organized and contains accurate quotations and facts taken from the interview.
The report contains accurate quotations and facts taken from the interview.
The report is lacking facts and quotations from the interview OR the quotes and facts are not accurately reported.
Presentation to Class (knowledge gained)
Student can accurately answer several questions about the person who was interviewed and can tell how this interview relates to the subject of interest.
Student can accurately answer a few questions about the person who was interviewed.
Student cannot accurately answer questions about the person who was interviewed.
Preparedness for Presentation
Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed. He/ she used a display or props to compliment the information.
The student is somewhat prepared, but it is clear that rehearsal was lacking. He/ she may have added items to share.
Student does not seem at all prepared to present.
Student met all deadlines and challenged self toward a worthwhile project.
Student met requirements.
Student lost enthusiasm for the project and just plodded along.

Student Comment Section:

School Website

Our school website requires a webmaster to make it into an effective communication device for all current  and prospective parents.  Since my position as secretary of Friend's is up this year, I have taken on this responsibility for the rest of this year and next.  I am hoping that this will make the blog obsolete and unnecessary.  In the link section, a link to the school's website is available.  Please make it a bookmark and check it often.  I also need feedback, so please don't hesitate to send your ideas to my email address with "website" in the subject line and help us make this website better.

Parent's Day Tea

You are invited to join us in the Owyhee on Monday for tea, snacks, poetry and entertainment.  The party will start at 2:00 and end at 3:00.  Your child will spend the day decorating and preparing food for this event.  If you are not able to make the event (sorry about the late notice) we will be sending home an anthology for you.  You are an important part of our school and certainly an important part of your child’s life.  Whether you can make it on Monday or not, please know that we appreciate all you do to support our program and your child.