Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sixth Grade Projects

All of our sixth graders received approval on their topics this week, but many of them struggled with finding the required number of books necessary for this big project. Lessons on accessing and reserving materials at the Washoe County Libraries were given to student who had their library cards, and will continue to be given until the end of next week. We are also planning a "going out" for next week on Tuesday or Wednesday to retrieve these materials at the Sparks Library. Sixth graders are required to have a book with them in class each day so that they may work on their note cards as they finish classwork and daily lessons. Five points for topic and 10 points for note cards have been given to those students that were checked this week. More points will be given and past expectations can still be met with a minimal amount of lost points. Help your students to get caught up and stay up-to-date with future deadlines.

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