Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bike Rally

What is bike rally? This project started two years ago by a couple 6th grade boys and grew out of the need for something to do other than play on what used to be a field of rocks and sand. Student bring their bikes and ride. Don't want to bring yours, we have a few that will be provided for ten-fifteen minute intervals depending on the supply and demand. This year Maya and Tiffany Joy got the ball rolling. They explained the necessary rules to the students, talked about the procedures, and found a safe location to ride. Maya, Tiffany, and one adult will be supervising the bikers in the parent parking lot during lunch recess behind the closed gate. Give it a try on Tuesday, Thursday, or both!

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Owyhee said...

It's back! If you don't know what it is then it's time to find out!!!! So let's get to the chase: It's Bike Rally!!!!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 9, 2010 we will start Bike Rally. During recess. So tomorrow bring a bike and a helmet (if you have one and you can bring it) and park it behind the school with the rest of the bikes.

At recess you can get your bike and ride it around. WARNING: If you don't have a helmet but you bring your bike, a helmet will not be supplied. If you have a bike, you need to bring your own helmet!!!!!

If you don't have a bike, don't fret. We have bikes that you can borrow for a five minute session. At your turn you can get on the bike that you signed up for and ride it for your time period. If you have your own helmet but don't have a bike, you may bring the helmet.

If you have your own bike, you can ride it as much as you want (or at least until the end of recess). Bike Rally does not mean you get more recess when the teachers blow the whistle, you have to get off and line up.

YOU CAN'T BRING ANYTHING ELSE besides a bike: NO heelys, scooters, or skateboards.

So don't forget: tomorrow's date because it is going to be a fun day!!!

Thank you,

TJM in Stillwater
MM in Ruby