Monday, January 18, 2010

Book Report

Steps for writing book report essay

1.In an intro paragraph, write the position on this topic giving some ideas from below.
2.Choice three or four of the ways listed below and expand each idea in three or four follow-up paragraphs. Please list other resources that you use in your paper.
V Values & beliefs-what most people believe

E/O Expert opinion-what experts say

S Statistics-summary of survey

A Analogies-if A then B

F Facts-proofs

E Examples-things found in nature

C Cause & effect-the outcome of something else

A Anecdotes-stories

T Traditions & customs-cultural explainations

S Special rules-

2. Use the T bar we used in class. Write a complete sentences about the topic and briefly identify. Then expand into a multiple paragraph essay.

Arguments against topic Arguments for the topic

3. In a closing paragraph, rewrite your opinion.

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