Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Every year, HDMS observes Valentine's day as a day of friendship. We share cards that have been handmade at home, one for each person in the class(27). This gives us an opportunity to practice letter writing, addressing envelopes, grace, and courtesy at gatherings. This date coincides with the 100th day of school. This day gives us a time to review place value and discuss the number 100 and larger numbers. The celebration will take place at 2:00pm and will include the passing out of letters, sharing homemade rootbeer floats, and other activities that relate to the curriculum. Please take some time to discuss how your child will show their friendship with all of his classmates. We will have an album of ideas in the school, if you get stuck. If you would like to donate items for the rootbeer floats we need the following: yeast, gallon containers with lids, root beer flavoring, ice cream makers, salt, cream, vanilla, or vanilla ice cream. These materials need to brought in by January 29th because it takes two weeks to make it.
Valentine's brings up the discussion of health. HDMS encourages students that choose to bring treats to make snacks with a small amount of sugar, no processed foods, and individually wrapped for easy distribution and consumption over time. I hope that this gives you enough information. Any comments or suggestions can be added by clicking the comment box or clicking on the E-mail Me link at the bottom of the page(it should be fixed now).

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