Thursday, January 14, 2010


The lunch program started just three months ago. Students dined on chicken tamales today! Some minor problems manifested themselves, but we have tried to fix them. To help clear the air, I would like to explain the procedures related to lunch. Owyhee requested a change in order because we just seemed to always be late(sound familiar). When called, hot lunch people are sent to line and the cold lunch people clear the tables and cover them with table clothes. When people begin returning, we sit down and eat for thirty minutes. If we don't get our full thirty minutes of recess, I told the students that we would make-up the recess at the end of the day or the following morning. As we move into the next three months, we will explore new options to these problems.
Owyhee students participate in the preparation, serving, and cleaning of lunch every Tuesday. As of this week, groups of 3 to 4 students work for two hours in the kitchen(one group in the morning from 10:30-12:30, a second group from 12:30-2:30). This way students are only working in the kitchen once a month. I hope your son or daughter is enjoying the opportunity to be part of this unique food program.

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